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Become a Donor .......

Pay it Forward

and support Warriors and their families to participate in our programs.

To Live Life

In order for a Warrior or a Caregiver to participate in our programs, we need your support and sponsorship.

Pay it Forward and give back to the people who sacrificed everything to ensure our security and freedom by supporting our program.

Sponsor a Warrior, a Caregiver or an entire program and let them go through their own Hero's Journey!

We want to be able to offer the Warriors and their family the program for free as much as possible. The costs for 1 participant in a 5-day program are € 1,500. This includes all costs - accommodation, food, drinks, guidance, materials, preparation and follow-up.

As soon as we receive donations for a group of at least 6 people that can participate in the program, we plan a program. We can have a maximum of 10-12 participants per program.

Any amount is welcome, everything helps. It is possible in a one-time donation, but it is certainly also possible in a monthly contribution.

We also have a Wishlist of materials that we need. 
Click here for more information about our Wishlist.





Become part of this Tribe and visit Bonfire to order beautiful t-shirts and hoodies with our logo. You also support our programs with this.

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