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Grateful for ..... you!

Practice gratitude to honor what is ordinary about our lives, because that is what is truly extraordinary ~ Brené Brown


In the start up to the founding of our foundation, we have been able to meet beautiful people who have helped us, help, support, applaud and support us in all kinds of ways since we exist as Stichting Odysseus' Pad. We would like to thank you for this from our hearts and give you a place here on our site.

The list is growing!

Dressuur stal Seren - Fenneke de Vries-Dikken and Hendrik de Vries - our permanent workplace and a piece of heaven on earth.

Our supporters and donors! Welcome to this TRIBE of Warriors.

Catering op rolletjes - Silvia Thuiskok Visser - for taking care of delicious meals during our programs

Neleman wijn for donating their fantastic organic wines for drinks.

Jolinckhoeve - for taking care of the overnight stays during the pilots.

Stichting Veteranen Deventer , SVON and Stichting Unit Victor for thinking along, sharing and supporting our programs.

AKSP - René Schuurman for thinking along and offering his services for our Foundation.

Edwin de Wolf, Yvon Spel, Andre Odenkirchen - Invictus Games 2020/2021.

Tilda Gundel for developing our logo.

Sonja van Santen for making and donating the eye pillows.

Ruth Mednikow for sharing her photos for our site.

Olaf Dirks for sharing some photos for our Testimonial page.

Fons de Wolff for donating chairs and fire pit.

All participants in our programs. Your confidence and enthusiasm is heartwarming.

Our Shepherds ..... you are important for future programs.

Our partnerships in the US with two special foundations that have given us the basis for our further developed programs:

Save A Warrior - thanks to Jake, Terry, Teresa, Raychad, Jo-Z and Brian

Lone Survivor Foundation

Last but not least: our children, our family and friends. Your support, encouragement, enthusiasm and confidence in what we do is golden!

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