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Your own Hero's Journey

Purpose - Servant Leadership - Daily Practice

'A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.' ~ Christopher Reeve

The Hero's Journey, described by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, is a pattern of adventure and transformation. It is a universal story of the hero and occurs in all kinds of mythical traditions all over the world. In many films, the Hero's Journey is used in the storyline as a guide.

In our programs we take The Hero's Journey as a leading model, where all parts have their own place in the different phases of the transformation journey.

Crossing the threshold..

We all come to a point in our lives where we can no longer ignore the need to take a new step to make a real change in our being and the way we live our lives. The point where it is time to let go, get a new perspective and take a journey to come back to ourselves to experience and be able to experience happiness.

Dealing with what happened to us is sometimes difficult, very difficult.

We get stuck in a negative story, negative thoughts and cannot oversee it anymore. It is then time to take that step and cross the threshold to step out of our often uncomfortable Comfort zone. It is now time to take your own direction. It is time to feel, experience, connect and regain your own worthiness. We are happy to take you on this journey of transformation and inner growth. In our multi-day programs, there is plenty of time and peace to really cross a difficult threshold. The threshold to create a new story for your life. Your own Hero's Journey.


Farewell to shame and guilt

Trauma stores in the body and feelings are tucked away and ignored. It is not only the head (our brain, thoughts, view) where the 'problem' is. The heart is broken, and it is precisely in the heart where shame, guilt, broken trust lie. Shutting yourself off from trust and being suspicious, getting out of the way of connecting with someone else, no longer showing yourself vulnerable and authentic. Depression, despair, insomnia, loneliness, isolation, and much more accumulate.

With our programs we offer openings and possibilities to leave the shame and guilt behind and to take new steps from trust (in yourself) and in connection with your environment. We integrate systemic constellations with horses, meditation, yoga, tai chi easy, storytelling, drawing, ceremonies, rituals and nature walks into our programs. All parts fit into the different phases of the Hero's Journey.


Coming home to yourself

Our programs are down to earth. You will gain insight into PTS and Moral Injury, you will receive tools to better deal with everything you carry in your daily life. You will be given the opportunity to cover (part of) the burden.

Bodywork, nature, connection of head, heart and hands are important elements in our programs to take steps forward on your own path and the road to recovery.

You give new meaning to your own life and your own story. You come home to yourself .

It is about giving purpose, servant leadership and daily practice.

Purpose - Servant Leadership - Daily Practice


You are worth it

We work in groups. Sharing each other's journey, being able to witness the journey of a fellow participant, and moving together as a group, give a special charge and experience. Show vulnerability in strength, be authentic - all masks off - really see and be seen.


Cross that threshold and sign up!

You are worth it.


To Live Life

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