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Together with horses

Heart2Heart approach

Soul work

Horses are a special element in our programs. Designing part of the program with Warriors together with horses is a conscious choice. We work with horses in systemic constellations. They show us the way to wholeness on a deep soul level. They help us connect our minds to our hearts and hands. In softness, horses give strength to look inside. They invite us to open up and begin our path to recovery and wholeness. Horses have a deep inner knowledge, a deep and gentle, yet clear way, to show us what our path can be.


Horses are special teachers and strong healers. They listen with their heart, their whole being, their soul and their spirit. For us it is time to listen to the whisper of the horses.


The use of horses in our programs is about




H olistic

we look at the whole, past, present and future, your whole life.


E qual

we are all equal in life. We, as facilitators, know no more or better. Together we look at what presents itself.

A uthentic

only if we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, can we really grow, connect, heal, and find happiness.


R oots

To understand our patterns, our system, and what is holding us back from living a happy and fulfilling life, we look at the roots and the roots of the roots.


T rust

to make the decision to live the authentic life you want, to find happiness, love, and connection, requires courage and confidence.

Trust in your worthiness, trust in yourself, trust in the process and trust in that leap into the deep and its outcome. We place great value on the trust that we and the horses have in our participants to truly cross the threshold to open up, hold out, share and be.



t wo and t o

a setting in which hearts connect and open from one to the other. A look out and in, a look at the present and the future, a look at the present and the past.


H ero's Journey

when we no longer ignore the Call to Adventure and are ready to cross that threshold, that is the moment when we really allow ourselves to transform into the person we are meant to be.

E xciting

it is quite exciting and exhilarating to get into an arena with a horse and work with them at soul level. You don't need to have any experience or knowledge with horses. Fear of a horse is really no problem.

A ll including
everything is welcome and everything can be, you are welcome with everything you carry with you.

R eimagining

dare to dream, dare to think about what makes you happy, what gives you meaning, gives you a goal, helps you take a step forward.

T ribe
horses connect with us on a soul level and touch us deeply with their presence, wisdom and loving hearts. Horses form close herds to survive. There are close friendships and family ties. We humans just as much need a "herd" for our existence. This is expressed in finding and having your own Tribe. With our programs, a new Tribe is created. We welcome you.

Heart2Heart sessions open doors to a happier, healthier life.
Our role is to walk on a parallel path alongside our participants and to translate the insights and lessons of the horses.


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