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About us

On February 20, 2020, Stichting Odysseus' Pad (The Odysseus' Path Foundation) was established to offer Warriors *, and their families, who are suffering from post-traumatic stress, moral injury and trauma, an opportunity to find and walk their own path, and to live their lives with more stability, purpose and servant leadership. Your own Hero's Journey.

Participants come alone as an individual, but afterwards go home with a community, a Tribe. That is exactly what we want. Building a community and involving participants in future programs. Working together for and with Warriors (Veterans, Primary care providers, and their families).

It is no coincidence that our 'Why' is 'To Live Life'. Every day is the opportunity to start over, no matter how difficult. We believe it is essential to show up and experience what it is like to really see and be seen and to show how important it is to increase your perspective, how important it is to show vulnerability , to ask for help and leave the shame and guilt behind.


In our multi-day programs, we offer innovative, evidence-based and with a holistic vision and approach tools to enable participants to experience 'parallel paths of healing'. We spend 3-5 days together, in an intensive program. Everyone makes their own Hero's Journey to come home to themselves. We take participants on an inner transformation journey through the use of nature walks, horse sessions, systemic constellations, rituals and ceremonies, meditation, art, Yoga and Tai Chi Easy. We work with Joseph Campbell's monomyth, The Hero's Journey. All program components are linked to the different phases of
the Hero's Journey.


Our programs give you tools to deal with life and everything that comes up with purpose, servant leadership and daily practice. Breaking through the walls of shame, being able to reconcile with guilt. Being able to find happiness, dignity, worthiness and the feeling of being worthy again.

These are intensive programs, where the key lies in experiencing together and sharing together as a group. You will get the insights and support for writing a new chapter in your life.

What we do with these programs is not new to us. We have gained a lot of experience with our approach in the US with other foundations and know how unique and empowering they are. In the Netherlands, we led three successful pilots in 2019 and early 2020 for both Warriors and their family, the Caregivers.


Now is the time to continue this and give more Warriors the opportunity to participate in this Hero's Journey. It is an opportunity to be part of a growing community, a Tribe, where we meet each other with respect, understanding, patience and real connection.

* Our definition of Warriors: veterans, active military personnel, police, fire brigade, ambulance staff and care personnel (doctor, nurse, spiritual caretakers, etc) and their family

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