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Experiences of participants

We are passionate about facilitating growth, enabling new personal insights and creating new perspectives. We work with and from our hearts with our participants. What they take from working with us into their daily lives matters. What they say about their experience and our programs is essential to us. After all, it is about those who participate in order to deal better with PTSD and Moral Injury. To be able to return to the basics - To Live Life.


Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that previous participants have had.


Such special days, together with Clara, Lynn, all participants, the horses (especially Charles!) and the shepherds to explore a new path and a new beginning! In all days there were elements that touched me and that gave me a positive confirmation about how I walk my own path at the moment and see the future again.

I especially liked to experience that I am not alone, that there was a lot of recognition among the other participants, and that gave peace, safety and space for openness.

The program gives space to allow more in my head than just everything around the PTS and MI, and to be able to feel light and air again, to feel connection, to breathe! The way in which Clara and Lynn approach the participants, that you are seen again, that they saw me, and that I can leave negative feelings and thoughts behind me when it no longer serves me, is so valuable.

And you can only convey that if you are like these two beautiful people; Clara and Lynn, with your heart in the right (light) place!

Grateful that I was able to participate, grateful that these two fantastic people are so committed to all Warriors, and above all, very proud of all participants!

Stephanie, Veteran, Bosnia individual mission

Cohort 004


Your Own Hero's journey. I followed this program at Stichting Odysseus' Pad.

I have learned and discovered a lot about myself. Where my strength is and how I can use it. I have learned to choose my own path and it feels good. I have said goodbye to negative, heavy and emotional things from the past and have embraced the good and positive things of today.

What an amazing program! It has really helped me and my family. I am very grateful. Clara Vrielink and Lynn Dressel you are two fantastic women and I am glad I got to know you.



Cohort 004


What am I going to do, start with, how, what, and so many more questions??

That's how I started walking my path.

The "at home" feeling that Lynn and Clara gave me meant that I got a lot of peace and peace of mind. I was among good and skilled people. Working on my PTSD, entering into Confrontations, together with others who briefly came on MY path.
Meditation, yoga and tai chi easy and so much more, new experiences that brought me a lot and I take into my future.
I can only say: a grateful program that I can recommend to everyone.
Lynn, Clara and others, thank you, thank you 🙏❤️

Mark - Veteran

Cohort 004


I signed up for the program. I started with shaking knees. Upon arrival I was super nervous but Clara & Lynn quickly put me at ease. It was as if I had known Clara and Lynn for years. The first day was very confrontational, a mirror that was presented to you. I thought I was way ahead with recovery, not so as it appeared. Four more days followed. These were also very confrontational and tough, but by participating this changed into a new way of thinking. Learning to deal with PTSD. I am grateful that I was able to participate in this, it brought me a lot, and it continues working hard ... every day. As Clara and Lynn say, small steps are also steps. I have many programs behind me, but this program has brought me VERY much. You stay in my heart and I am so grateful to you. Love you for ever ❤️ Greetings and hug Jos


Cohort 002


After a very long period of denial / dragging my heels / fighting in my brain, I heard about the programs of Odysseus' Pad. I was very reluctant to participate in this program, even afraid. I was afraid to feel, and especially afraid to be seen. To be seen as a person. I preferred to play the clown, so I didn't have to show what feelings I really had. In fact, I didn't want to feel at all.

And then ..... you come to Odysseus' Pad, to Clara and Lynn :-)


You will enter a very open, warm and safe atmosphere.

Where I started to learn to feel again. (still a long way to go, but hey: I started)

It is so comprehensive that I cannot properly articulate what it has brought to me, and what it brings on a daily basis.


I think it is closest when I say that they create a safe environment where you feel that you are not being thrown over the edge of the abyss, but are accompanied to the beginning of your own path.

Accompanied by sensitive, intuitive yet down to earth people.

I am grateful for the people with whom I was allowed to do this "journey".

And for Clara and Lynn, who provide their knowledge, warmth and humor so that we (and others) can learn to walk on our own path again.

I am also sincerely grateful for the insights and especially the warmth that I got and experienced.


Keep up the great, loving work, Clara and Lynn.

Many of us wouldn't have seen any path at all if it wasn't for you!


Very warm regards,




Cohort 004


The Hero's Journey and moral Injury. 2 concepts that I came across in 2019. Both terms have given me tools for my future and how to deal with the past. As a veteran it can happen that you experience traumatic / life-changing things during your broadcast. If you are lucky you will find a way to live with this, only sometimes it is a challenge to find the right path. This applies not only to veterans but to everyone.

In 2019 I was allowed to participate in this program for veterans and police with PTS and moral injury. I did not know what to expect or how the week would go. I only knew it would be intensive. So I was also very nervous when I was on my way for the program. Until I met Clara and Lynn. They both have a very open and positive attitude and the way they appeal to you and invite you to participate in conversations is very pleasant to experience. This (my opinion) because of their personality and their experiences with veterans. This creates an environment where you can be yourself, feel what you feel and share what you want to share. They do not have the proverbial threshold. This makes you feel heard, and you will also be heard.

My opinion of the work Clara and Lynn do is that it is extremely important that such programs exist. Especially because it is diverse, whether it be horse therapy, the yoga, drawing mandalas or taking a break in nature. Both ladies quickly see what someone is dealing with, what someone needs and, most importantly, they both give people the feeling that it is okay, that you are heard and seen and how you can walk your own hero's journey.

I, therefore find it special to see that Clara and Lynn are working with Odysseus' Pad to get more people to start their Hero's Journey.

Ed, Veteran, Instructor School zuid


Cohort 001


In January 2020 Sandra and I were allowed to participate in the 2 day program for caregivers.
I have been able to take a great load off me. The transformation has been initiated from day 1.
It felt like I was allowed to let go without a feeling of selfishness coming over me.
I no longer had to look for solutions for everyone or make their pain less tolerable. It was time to walk my own path and it felt good ... very good. In those 2 days there have been many emotions; we cried, laughed, felt, experienced and conquered. From trembling and trembling to peace and confidence.
It has brought me so much ..... indescribable .... and almost impossible to express in words. You have to experience it.

I came home to myself ✨

Clara and Lynn I am so grateful to you
What I wish you from the bottom of my heart: that all your dreams may come true and that many people will find their way to you.

Love Syb

Sybille partner program

Cohort 003


In May 2019 I participated in this beautiful program. For me, the last puzzle piece fell into place. My story is now part of me without guilt and shame.

Robert - Veteran

Cohort 001


November 19, 2019

How do I complete the circle for myself? How do I write the last chapter of my previous “me”? So that I can finally close the old book. And a new book can begin.
With that question I entered the journey of “The Hero's Journey”. My personal journey, but certainly not alone. Together with a group of like-minded people, we each walk our own path. Along that path there is room for emotions. There is no judgment, only understanding and love.
Under the guidance of Lynn and Clara, feelings of shame and guilt are given a permanent place in the past. I am learning to say goodbye to it. The horses in the coaching session indicate that I can let go, must let go. What would you really like? Live and enjoy! The Future is open! After this journey I can say that I actually found myself again during this emotional journey. I am no longer as before. I feel complete again. And never alone again. I carry my travel companions with me in my heart forever ♥ Claudia 

Claudia - Politie Noord-Holland, District Noord-Holland

Cohort 002


Your Own Hero's Journey - November 4-8, 2019

Welcome home after a long journey

Whoever takes the Odysseus' Pad to get rid of feelings of guilt, shame and / or damaged trust, chooses to start moving. I was disconnected from work, home and relatives for a week. And yet I don't make the 'journey' alone. A group of dedicated people are ready to come along.

Before the start of the trip, I cannot avoid the question of what is left behind or that will last. The answer is tricky if you've been surviving for ages. Your heart wants one thing and your head wants the other and the result is that you don't move. In a constellation I get an encouraging push from a horse: "let go, take a step, get moving, live!". And the journey begins.

Everyone makes their own journey, but there is always a moment of return. I am welcomed again, my mistakes are forgiven and I appreciate all the experiences I have lived through.

35 years after my military deployment, my journey is almost over. Thanks to Odysseus' Path, I can now really come home to my relatives. Coming home to myself.

Zutphen, January 11, 2020.

It is eight weeks later. I sit at the kitchen table at Clara and Lynn's home. We look back on the past period, but also look ahead. There is a deep connection between three unique people. During the conversation I report on the past weeks and how I eventually got to my deepest point. As a child I was probably abused by an older boy. Images of that event become more and more explicit the more I accept it. Then it suddenly becomes clear to me what the horses really wanted to tell me during the line-up in November. They have invited me to embrace, integrate and play the traumatized child.

They anticipated my journey.

Fons ~ Veteran UNIFIL 1982

Cohort 002


5 day program, Your Own Hero's journey!

I have no idea what exactly it meant, but I registered anyway. Why? I think the words 'Moral Injury' and the word 'journey' worked for me! I was invited with 7 others.


Spend 5 days with game strangers. Exciting, scary, scared and even more words with the same meaning. 4 nights on a large farm with lots of peace and greenery around and 5 days of activities at a riding school where we would be all day during the day. Meditation, Yoga, walking, Tai Chi easy, horse therapy were activities that were on the agenda anyway.

Basically everything with the whole group. When I saw the daily schedule I felt panic. From early in the morning until late at night. I never keep that up, I thought. Of course there was also bad sleep. The first two days were very difficult. The long days and many activities took their toll. But the sense of understanding from the group including Lynn and Clara was great.

In one, what seemed like a simple exercise, my head exploded and trauma came up, which I thought I had coped with. I think that the warm environment with fellow sufferers made me feel safe enough to throw everything out. I was super taken care of by two colleagues who held me and the service dog of one of those colleagues licked my face and hugged me. That gave a sense of security. I came back to earth through the voice of the boss. Bad or annoying? It was not. Of course the moment you are in it, but when I got out it was ok. Later I heard that the whole group had been around me. It was just my time. What an amazing experience. It may sound vague, but this moment has brought me a lot. Lynn and Clara's message from the beginning was Holding the space. My space was guaranteed with the entire group. This experience has made me take another step forward. So everyone had their moment this week. I dare say that it has brought us all something. I would recommend such a week to everyone. I made this week friendships that go beyond a coffee talk, people who have a warm heart for me and with whom you feel safe without many words. This is a very great gift. The feeling of not being alone is priceless. If you still have doubts after this story whether you can handle or dare something like that? Just do it! Be open to it and it will bring you something.


Cohort 002


"Your wisdom is as vast as the sea, and belies your years. Thank you for guiding us through a very difficult journey to freedom with the strength of a warrior and the passion of a mother. How youbalance all that power, with still treating us as valuable is awe inspiring. I apologize if it doesn’t make sense. There is so much I want to acknowledge and thank you for. It is a little overwhelming. I’ll just let you know that I will always hold you close in my heart.”

Rosa - Cohort in the USA


Neem gerust contact met ons op als je meer wilt weten over onze programma's of in contact wil komen met eerdere deelnemers over hun ervaringen.

Lynn Dressel en Clara Vrielink

Stichting Odysseus' Pad

To Live Life

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