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Support us with a gift to our Wishlist

for the Hero's Journey for Warriors

In order to offer the Hero's Journey for the Warriors for the longer term, we need materials that we use before and during our programs. We also need volunteers. We have, therefore, compiled a Wishlist.

If you can contribute to our Wishlist and help us with materials, we would love to hear from you. We would also like to hear from you if you can help us as a volunteer!

Our Wishlist:

  • Volunteers to create a labyrinth

  • Large boulders for the labyrinth

  • Drawing materials - pastels, pencils, markers, sketchbooks, etc.

  • Horse halters in various sizes (L, XL and XXL),

  • Horse brushes

  • Graphic designer for the development of a flyer and brochure

  •  Canope

  • Folding table / Camping table

  • Wood for the campfire

  • Storage container for the chairs, tables and other materials

  • DSLR camera and lenses

  • Laptop

  • MPV / Passenger bus for the Foundation

If you have any ideas to support us as a Foundation, please contact us.


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